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Education of single men and women is a major focus of Besuros Tovos and bashert.net. We teach crucial methods to succeed in todays' world of marriage. We start by teaching crucial basics for healthy interpersonal relationships and use those basics as a foundation to build on to enable couples to deal with more complicated situations. We teach singles integral skills of communication and skills to improve their self-image and self-esteem. We provide guidance of what to look for to identify potential issues that may indicate that a person is involved in a non-healthy relationship. We teach easily learnable skills for successful communication and effective problem solving. We educate our clients so they can easily recognize, and understand their needs in order to enable a trusting secure relationship where they will be most likely to enjoy everlasting happiness.


The Matchmakers on bashert.net provide recommendations based on each couples particular needs as the couple learns and gets to know each other. Advice is provided by people who have had significant success in the matchmaking field- people who have combined to facilitate over 100 happy marriages over the last decade. Advice to Singles and Couples is conveyed in the most compassionate and non-judgmental fashion. This makes our clients feel Confident and relaxed.