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Welcome to Bashert.net

Bashert.net is a NEW top quality Shidduch/Dating service for Frum Jewish Singles that fully incorporates Klal Yisroel’s classic frum dating mesorah. Bashert.net combines superior technology with a proven Personality Compatibility Test and a Star Team of Shadchanim-all designed to help you find your Bashert (SoulMate) more efficiently.

Bashert.net goals are to help:

  • Singles find their Bashert by identifying people whose hashkafos and personalities match
  • Shadchanim more easily identify compatible Shidduchim for their clients

Personality Compatibility Questionnaire

Good marriage candidates need not have similar personalities. In fact often a couple will have different personalities yet still be an excellent match. Bashert.net’s Dr. David Lieberman created and tested our proprietary Personality Compatibility Questionnaire for months on happily married couples. Results were statistically very successful. Now we are excited to make this unique matching method available to Singles and Shadchanim.

Tools for Shadchanim

Bashert.net provides powerful and unique tools for Shadchanim to quickly organize and match their clients in a most efficient manner. This will help the Shadchan keep accurate track of more Singles. Also the Shadchan has private access to personality matches and can add his/her ‘human touch’ to determine the most likely matches.

Better Hishtadlus to find Your Bashert

Combining helpful information from the field of psychology, with the incredible speed and organization of technology, and the seichel of a good old fashioned Shadchan – Bashert.net lets you take a big step of Hishtadlus to find your Bashert. May it be Hashem’s will that the quality of Shidduch dates improves, and hence increases happy marriages in Klal Yisroel! Starting with you!