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Would you like to be a Shadchan with and have access to great Shidduch matching technology? We have a talented team of Shadchanim with access to thousands of Singles. We expect that if many talented/qualified Shadchanim join’s network that the quality and quantity of Shidduchim will increase significantly over the years to come in Klal Yisroel.

A Shadchan serves a crucial role in the Single's dating process. Shadchanim set up the initial Shidduch date, help the parties through difficulties that may arise, and serve as the intermediary between the couple until they are comfortable to move forward themselves. Should you choose to be a Shadchan, we wish you much hatzlacha and we are here if you need any help along the way.

If you are interested in becoming Shadchan then please click: Register To Be a Shadchan Here to apply. May Hashem give you much hatzlacha in your honorable endeavors as a Shadchan and may you be zocheh to be successful!

Directly below is a quick summary how a Single picks a Shadchan and how a Shadchan can access and use the database

When a Single joins, as part of the registration process he/she chooses a Shadchan. Every member of will have to pick at least one Shadchan and work with that Shadchan to find a suitable Shidduch/date. If a member would like to use a Shadchan who is not a registered Shadchan on, then that Shadchan will be notified to go through the Shadchan registration process on so that he/she can likely be the Shadchan for that member. No Shadchan will have access to the database of Singles unless they are registered/ approved in advance by

When you are registered as a Shadchan you will have a login password and when you login to the Shadchan Login section of the Database you will have access to all the Singles who have chosen you as their Shadchan. Additionally, once you are logged in, you will see the matches that the Personality Compatibility Test has matched for your Single clients. You will then screen through their compatible matches and redt to your client those matches who seem most on target to you. Or alternatively you can discuss the compatible matches via phone with your Single client and decide together which one(s) to pursue.

Shadchanim and Potential Shadchanim please contact our staff at: with any questions.