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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Bashert.net
1) Can you tell me more about the Personality Compatibility Questionnaire?

Our research based Personality Compatibility Questionnaire is composed of a series of simple questions designed to identify key aspects of your personality so that you can be matched with someone you will be highly compatible with you. The Questionnaire takes about 20-30 minutes to finish. The main thing to remember when filling out the Questionnaire is to be honest! There is no “pass” or fail”, but the more honest you are with your answers, the more your matches are likely to truly compatible with you.

After completing the Questionnaire, Bashert.net will immediately process your results, and a list of compatible Shidduch matches will be sent to your Shadchan. Your Shadchan should look through this list and choose the best potential matches for you. He/she will then contact you about these matches as soon as possible. Based on the Questionnaire, your matches often include several Singles who are equally highly compatible with you and then lists others who are compatible but not necessarily highly compatible.

2) Should my Bashert.net Profile include my photo?

Yes in order to best service you we require that you upload at least one photo of yourself so your Shadchan will be able to most efficiently match you up. Please realize that potential matches of the opposite gender will only see your picture when your Shadchan or another Bashert.net official Shadchan suggest you to a potential shidduch/match. For members who prefer that Shadchanim should not send your picture when suggesting/redting you to someone then please email your Shadchan specific instructions not to send out your picture without asking you explicitly and bashert.net will do the best possible to honor your wishes.

3) What happens after my Shadchan receives my Bashert.net suggested list of potential matches?

Your Shadchan will proceed to recommend 1-10 of your potential matches to you. Suggestions will go to both parties initially and will be listed in each party's profile under the "Compatible Matches" Tab and either one may accept or decline the match." If one party declines the match will be removed from both's "Compatible Matches" Tab. If one party accepts then the match will move to both's "Accepted Matches" Tab. If the Second Party says yes then the match will move to both's "Active Matches" tab. If the 2nd party declines then the match will disappear from both's "Accepted Matches". IMPORTANT: Please note to go back and forth from "Compatible Matches" to "Accepted Matches" to "Active Matches" etc. one must press i.e. on "Accepted Matches" until that tab turns the color White. So in short whichever tab is White that is where you are. If a tab is grey then you are not viewing that tab currently. They will appear when you login to your personal Bashert.net Profile page under the "Compatible Matches" Tab. You can click on the match you are most interested in and that will automatically inform your Shadchan and the other person’s Shadchan of your interest. Alternatively, if you would rather not express your interest electronically, feel free to call your Shadchan. At that point the Shadchanim will proceed to share more detailed information about their Single clients and determine if indeed both singles are interested in proceeding to a date. There won't be any direct electronic communication between Singles through Bashert.net . This is being done to protect your Privacy.

4) How does Bashert.net impact the Shadchanis Fees?

Any and all fees for Shadchanis that you arranged between you and your Shadchan are completely independent of the $15 monthly fee that you’ll be charged as a Bashert.net Member. Bashert.net is not involved in Shadchanis fees in any way.

5) Do I need to Login to my Profile to check messages?

No. For your convenience, communications will be sent directly to the email address you have provided.

6) How much does it cost to join Bashert.net?

You have two payment options when becoming a member. You can choose monthly membership at $15 a month, which entitles you to an initial free 60 day trial. Another option would be the yearly membership which is $56 annually. If you get engaged or decide to discontinue your Bashert.net membership for any reason, you must contact Bashert.net by emailing info@bashert.net to cancel your membership in order to avoid any future charges.